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Touching Junk on Foto Friday

No, this is not the dusty keepsake you find in Grandma’s attic.  This is, after all, Foto Friday (see how the Fs compliment eachother?) I was in San Francisco working on Wednesday when I came upon this sign.  Well, I … Continue reading

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‘Roid Rage (The Other Kind)

If you believe in God, then you have to think She has a sense of humor.  The proof is in the hemorrhoids. As a person who is motivated by a deep sense of responsibility to talk about things no one … Continue reading

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Ten Super Logical Holiday Observations

I notice that songs of Christmas are played repetitively to the point where I am overly familiar with them. I observe that, when shopping, I am slightly motivated by feelings of obligation. When someone says, “Happy Holidays”, I notice I … Continue reading

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Orgasms for Everyone!

When we were kids, we learned about nouns.  Nouns are things.  An orgasm is a thing that insurance companies like to call an intangible.  It’s nothing you can put in a cardboard box, but it’s important, like having the peace … Continue reading

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Tinkerbell Syndrome Survivors

Les:  “Can’t we raise money for a more glamorous cancer?  Like breast cancer?” Joe:  “No, you signed on to do Toiletry from A to Z for the colon, so for a good year or two, everyone is going to ask you ‘How’s … Continue reading

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Words Suck! (A Writing Exercise)

      If actual experience were the Empire State Building, words are the dirt that collects on the pinnacle of the flashing red globe at the top.    Yep!   Words suck!   A nineteen-year- old dies in Afghanistan!  … Continue reading

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Sex for Money (Photos)

You know how you’re looking on youtube and you see a picture of boobs so you click on the pic and it has nothing to do with the picture? (Women, please replace “boobs” with “Target Gift Certificate”) Well, this isn’t … Continue reading

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