1/2 off Gift No One will Hate!

Attention Shoppers: Act Now!

A Secret Code on our Website will allow you to get 1/2 Off Book Purchase! 

It’s the Perfect Gift! 

OK, I’ll stop using these annoying exclamation points!

Above is a photo of my book (actually two books for display), one I wrote and published through BM Publishing company with my best friend and artist Joe Mielke.  A portion of the proceeds of the book go to Colon Cancer Research.

As you can see,  it’s a little bathroom book shaped like a toilet.  It’s funny, it’s fun and We will sign it with a message for the gift recipient.  Simply click here http://www.bestbathroombooks.com/#!shop and add the “PEE BOY” poster (in the bottom right corner of the screen) to the shopping cart (a $5 purchase). 

SECRET CODE: You’ve already done it!  There is no PEE BOY poster!  It’s the code for 1/2 off the Retail Price of $10 for Toiletry from A toZ! 
That means, in the contiguous US, you get the book for $5 plus shipping and tax (Total Price $12.41).

What a deal!  That’s a perfectly wrapped, toilet-shaped bathroom book delivered to your door, signed by the author and artist with a message YOU WRITE to Uncle BOB or Aunt FLO.  Write any message you want in our website message box, indicated your name and purchase date.  Joe and I will sign the book for you before shipping, increasing the value of the book by several hundred thousand dollars (this is pure conjecture)!  

For more information about BM Publishing and Toiletry from A to Z, please visit:


Good Luck and Happy Shopping,

Joe and Les

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