This is my Frequently-Asked Questions page, or more accurately, softballs I am lobbing to myself so that I can appear charming and worthy of my readership.

Q: Why do you write a blog?

A: Because to chisel a blog in stone takes so much longer.   (See, this is an example of the stuff I like, which is wordplay with a pinch of smart-ass).

Q: Why does it seem you have a certain “attitude” aka “asshole-tone” to your blogs?

A: Thank you for putting that so delicately.  I think in the Blog World we can have a bit of an attitude and it makes for fun reading.  This is not how I talk to people most of the time if I want to keep the hot coffee out of my face.

Q: What’s this publishing company thing all about?

A:  I have a book out with a co-writer and several projects coming out next year.  We don’t sell on Amazon and have recently scored some independent bookseller action.  The independents really like Toiletry from A to Z (www.bestbathroombooks.com) and hate Amazon, and REALLY like us, because we’re smart and handsome.  We’re also working on another project with artist John Seabury of Psycotic Pineapple fame.

Q: Can you keep your answers a little shorter?  I don’t have all fu*king day to read about you.

A: Of course.  I’m sorry.

Q: Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish by writing this blog?

A: I’m hoping that somehow, if the stars align and everything is right in the world, I can inspire everyone everywhere to turn off their laptops and go outside and feel the sunshine  warm their upturned faces.

Q: Good luck, Buddy.

A: Is that a question?


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