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The Last Time You Ever Have Sex

I’ve been thinking about this lately.  I hope you haven’t.  But read on!  Let me ruin your day! While we get all giddy or sweaty or go into Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome thinking about the first time we ever had sex … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons to Write a List of Top Ten Reasons

Everybody loves Top Ten lists. David Letterman made millions from this idea, but even you can benefit from writing a list of any ten damn things you want, and people will read it! To show you the benefits of writing … Continue reading

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You are a Big Fat Liar…but it’s OK

Before you get all indignant about how you’re the only one who doesn’t lie about anything, let me stop you.  Seriously, we can take this in any number of directions, all of which will prove my point, but I’m not … Continue reading

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The Difference between an Erection and a Boner

There are words and there are words.  It used to be you would never say the word vagina in public, and then along came the Vagina Monologues, and everyone was saying it.  And that’s fine.  I just find it amazing … Continue reading

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Resist the Erotipod at all Cost

*NOTE:  This blog is not funny.  It basically explains how mankind, as we know it, may come to an end. HINT: Sex+Technology=Extinction It seems like yesterday I was rolling my eyes at my parents for refusing to get an answering … Continue reading

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