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Nudity Rules

Here’s something that they never teach you in school: How are you supposed to act with a naked person around? My mom was, I think, a normal Mom.  Every once in awhile I saw her breasts or her naked ass.  … Continue reading

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Foto Friday-Proof of Aliens!

I know you don’t have much time.   But they’re out there.  And I’ve got the Fotos to prove it. NOTE: This is Foto Friday, where I spell photo with an “F”.  I do not know why. The first thing you … Continue reading

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Blog Fog-The Urban Dictionary is Wrong

Sorry Urban Dictionary, but you’re cray.  You may be all urban (and maybe that’s your problem) but you have incorrectly defined Blog Fog as: the pollution and obfuscation of news and debate to the point of public confusion or apathy … Continue reading

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I May Be Dating Myself

To truly start a conversation about masturbation, you have to start with God.  In the Old Testament (it’s on Kindle people), God pens the story of Onan, who pulls out of his sister-in-law early and “spills his seed”.  I put … Continue reading

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Foto Friday- Signs of Intelligence

I’ll say it again. I love humans. I just love them. Especially when they improve upon things. Before water was in a bottle, it was pretty hard to find that stuff. But now I can have it with me in a … Continue reading

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The Value of Trying

Here’s the thing: You just have to try.  You just have to put it out into the world.  You just have to get over the fear of what people will think.  You just have to accept who you are.  You … Continue reading

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Politicians or Porn Stars: Who’s more Insane?

  There’s nothing more fun than trying to figure out who’s more insane: Politicians or Porn Stars.  These two sets of freaks have always been linked by their first two letters—P and O–and a pun about fu*king and getting fu*ked.  … Continue reading

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Laughing in Technicolor

I bring up vomiting because many people have vomited in the first few hours of the New Year, and to them I say:  “Happy New Year!  Isn’t it starting off great?”  One of my New Year’s resolutions is not to … Continue reading

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Stoner Dude Book Review

  This book is totally killer.  

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