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Blog Fog-The Urban Dictionary is Wrong

Sorry Urban Dictionary, but you’re cray.  You may be all urban (and maybe that’s your problem) but you have incorrectly defined Blog Fog as: the pollution and obfuscation of news and debate to the point of public confusion or apathy … Continue reading

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Words Suck! (A Writing Exercise)

      If actual experience were the Empire State Building, words are the dirt that collects on the pinnacle of the flashing red globe at the top.    Yep!   Words suck!   A nineteen-year- old dies in Afghanistan!  … Continue reading

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Inaccurate Idioms and Pet Peeves

People say funny things.  Some of us demand accuracy in language, and some of us can let things go.  I guess I’m in the former category, though I don’t want to be Mr. Cranky about it.  I’ve read articles about … Continue reading

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The Difference between an Erection and a Boner

There are words and there are words.  It used to be you would never say the word vagina in public, and then along came the Vagina Monologues, and everyone was saying it.  And that’s fine.  I just find it amazing … Continue reading

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