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Foto Friday in Fifteen Seconds and GB Gents!

It’s Foto Friday! Here’s the picture of the week and 10 reasons it’s SUPER IRONICAL! 1) The telephone pole has a sign on it that says: Please don’t text and drive. 2) The person driving was texting her boyfriend that she … Continue reading

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Female Orgasm-Bring a Flashlight

Hey Guys.  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  I can do this because I’m not a woman, so I can’t be accused of cutting off your testicles.  Remember out on the schoolyard, there was that kid who was always bragging about how … Continue reading

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I go into the house

I go into the house.  I meet the woman.  Her house is large.  It is worth millions.  Her problem is her stone.  She has already used my workers.  They have done their job.  But something isn’t right.  I am there … Continue reading

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The Best Blogging Advice Ever! Blogging Tips!

  And now, an Original Music Video from the Author!

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1/2 of Us Hate Your Blog

Don’t take it personally, but you’re not that popular.  Well, you are, but only with the people who think like you.  And that’s about half of them.  Since half the people reading this are already saying “I hate this guy” … Continue reading

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Who Died and made you Penis?

Since God, in all references of religious texts, is a man (as is the devil), we can assume that the penis is the one thing that God has in common with half of earth’s human population.  To say that we are … Continue reading

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Is a Full Time Gangsta for Real?

One big leap of faith everybody takes reading this blog is that I actually exist.   It is presumed the things I say here are somehow based on truth (at least a little bit).  I’ve only presented to you the set … Continue reading

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Bad Breath? Yeah, You Have It

The Bad Breath Test: Lick the top of your hand.  Let it dry.  Smell it.  If it smells bad, you’ve got Bad Breath. ************************************************************************************* Everyone has favorite aromas and conversely odors that make them gag.  Believe it or not, there … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh is So Cool!

Rush Limbaugh has been in the news lately for calling this girl a slut and telling her to post videos of herself having sex on the internet if we, the American Taxpayer, have to pay for her contraceptives. Most people don’t … Continue reading

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Beauty is a Beast

When a supermodel walks into the propeller of a plane, we get upset, horrified—but mostly we wonder what the propeller did to her face.  We don’t care if an ugly person walks into a propeller.  Ugly people walk into propellers all the … Continue reading

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