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Why Getting Clocked is Cool

There’s something about getting punched in the face that really wakes you up—even if you get knocked out or down.  There is no RedBull-Heart-Palpitating drink that even comes close to a fist smashing into your face.  But the best part … Continue reading

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Men Are Bastards

I’ve always wanted to shoot fish in a barrel.  I mean literally shoot fish in a barrel.  Would the fish dodge the bullet?  Would the barrel spring holes and splinter?  Would the bullet ricochet and hit me in the head … Continue reading

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Sin City and Spinning

Jay calls. “Wanna go to Vegas?” “I’d rather read twenty back-to-back Mommy Blogs about how fruit juice has a lot of sugar in it,” I answer, then reconsider and pack my bags. Before I continue, let me list below all … Continue reading

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Supermodel on a Toilet

Here we go again.  She’s still beautiful, and she’s still on a toilet.  But the headline is now shorter, changed from Beautiful Woman on a Toilet.  (I plan to subtract one word per month until it just says Girl Toilet) … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers I Hate

I just saw this yesterday in the window of the car in front of me.  I was stuck in traffic because someone in a red car decided that it would be fun to try to pass an eighteen-wheeler on the left … Continue reading

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Glory Holes and Dog Collars

I drive around a lot.  I mean like a thousand miles a week.  Besides the usual nostril infatuation, self-pleasuring and people texting right before they run into concrete buttresses, I see some pretty amazing signage. I thought I’d share two … Continue reading

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Driving with Grandma and Porn

Sincerely, People.  I don’t  choose these topics, they choose me.  I’d much prefer to soak in a Calgon bath and listen to a string quartet. And then a Cadillac Escalade drives by. So I’m driving with the family after a … Continue reading

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