Dress Codes and Marketing Genius

I saw this sign today at a Country Club while I was doing an estimate.  I go to Country Clubs all the time, but only as a guest.  Someone obviously put a lot of time into making this sign, but I think I could have saved them time and money.  Check it out:

Dress Code:

No Black People

Speaking of color, I saw this one while I was on the road:


I think this is the coolest shade of yellow.  I love it when the marketing people do their jobs so well.  It’s like they’re hitting a home run every time.

I was also driving behind a truck that was carrying pizza.  The truck was a fantastic example of marketing genius.  Here’s the truck:

I thought how awesome it is that the pizza company is called Tombstone Pizza.  I decided to come up with a few of my own marketing ideas.  Here is a partial list of the many that run through my head on a daily basis:

Failure Marketing (this is a great name for the marketing company that names trucks).

Bunion Footwear

Cirrhosis Vodka

Wheelchair Motorcycles

Sodomy Bank

These are just some of the many great names I’ve come up with for companies that I think will be ultra-successful, kind of like Tombstone Pizza and Yellow Trucking.

 If I haven’t mentioned this before, I think capitalism brings out the genius in everyone.  Now I’m going to go take some Overdose Sleeping Pills and will talk to you later.




About bestbathroombooks

I run a small publishing company and am presently seeking the funniest, coolest and most marketable ideas to sell in places like Urban Outfitters, Papyrus, college bookstores and independent bookstores in the Humor Sections. Contact me through this blog or better at www.bestbathroombooks.com. There are some talented people out there writing good, funny, conceptual books and blogging some funny stuff. I wish I had time to read more and write more. I have a day gig and do a lot of other things, but blogging helps me stay connected to my laptop and ensures sterility (due to EMF on my testicles) which is great because I've had enough kids. Les
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14 Responses to Dress Codes and Marketing Genius

  1. curlycarly127 says:

    Love the blog. Feel free to check mine out for a moderately decent laugh: curlycarly.com

  2. joem18b says:

    Nice list.

    Seen recently where I live:

    Cheerful Asian Cemetery
    Spore’s Crystal Water
    Brown Port-O-Potty

  3. I am totally ready to party at the Cheerful Asian Cemetery.

  4. Angie Z. says:

    This is great. I grew up with a brother who ate frozen Tombstone pizzas religiously and its name never struck me as odd…until now.

    This probably doesn’t quite fit here but we used to have a great restaurant in my city called #1 New Chinese Food Buffet.

  5. speaker7 says:

    I hate to say I LOL, but I did laugh out loud reading the country club bit.


  6. Les says:

    You just made my day.

  7. Elyse says:

    Have you seen the adult Barbie? She was on the news this morning. Skin tight Leopard skin mini-dress, tattoo in the cleavage. NOt being sold in toy stores. So I am afraid denim is OUT!

  8. UTMB says:

    I notice this common plumber’s situation wasn’t addressed on the poster. Hazy gray-area?

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