Okay, this is funny.  I just noticed people might be looking at this page.  I just clicked on it myself for the first time.  How embarassing.

I live in the SF Bay Area with my wife, who actually is a supermodel (in my mind anyway).  If you haven’t been here, the Bay is the best place in the world.  I have two kids who did not grow up to be criminals or kill anyone (I’m pretty proud of this).

I have a partner Joe (which makes me sound gay, but this is business) and we have a website www.bestbathroombooks.com and a bathroom book which will sell hundreds of thousands of copies if my calculations are correct. 


I sometimes run out of gas because I think the needle isn’t really that far to the left of “E”.

I am currently (always) looking for others who would like to publish a book of funny stuff.  As a small publisher, we can offer the best royalties in the industry. 

Everything I write is to reach into your soul, touch you (but not inappropriately of course) and make you laugh.  This is my sole purpose.  I love laughing.  And it is a great laxitive.

So now you know.



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  1. rantonit says:

    I’m laughing bathroombooks ! I’m also subscribing 😀 . On another note , I’d love to learn more about getting books published . Well just the one really and you seem to know a lot .

  2. Do you have a book? What’s it about? What genre? Do you have an agent? Have I overwhelmed you with questions yet?

    • rantonit says:

      I’m writing a book . Very hush-hush :p . I’m doing my Engineering , so for obvious reasons I can’t make this known just yet . It’s a book on travel , but not your usual travel blog-book thing . It’s a motivational book and it’s main idea is pushing for creative and constant ( everyday) holidaying . Like , a holiday every single day . It’s not done , far from it actually , I’ve gotten a handful of chapters , a few more chapter titles than that and a name . Nope , I don’t have an agent ,though I’m currently in the process of convincing a few of them I found through twitter to read my work once I’m done , mainly using my blog to do the convincing .

      I hope I haven’t bored you to death with that . But I must be honest , I came for the blog , lucky me you know as much as you do 😀 .

  3. I have a book that is, shall we say, perfect for the bathroom. It’s written on toilet paper, and when you reach a stopping point, there’s no book mark – you just rip and wipe! Then you start right there next time.

    Okay, I don’t really have a book like that, but damn, that’s a good idea, huh? Actually, I have a book of 65k words, and another nearly done, and could put a couple more together in a pinch, all in the ‘humor’ category. And, love your column. Or blog, I guess they call it.

    • Hey Edward. You’re brilliant (check out this guy’s blog people) and I’m looking for short, concept style books in the genre of the bathroom, being both humorous and maybe informative or just cool. I need to post my Top Ten books in the category so you and everyone else can get a feel for what I’m looking for. Right now I’m working on another die-cut book “Phobias from A to Z”. And yes, the thought of writing another book scares me (one of my phobias). Hey, do you have your books as audio?

      • Not really. I record some columns as I drive to work, but I don’t have a ‘book on 8-track’ so to speak.

        Do people want to listen to books in the bathroom? So they can have both hands free, I guess?

  4. You’re right. They’d probably ipod them. My book’s a widget–it’s a visual toy/book. But I’m on the road way to fu*king much and know a lot of people that listen to audio books. I suggested this to H.E. for hers. Shipping a CD is way cheaper and GOA would be great to listen to. Okay, enough communicating.
    Gonna buy your book though.

  5. I have invited you into the tag game, for more detail have a look at this …. http://verynormal.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/the-tag-game/

  6. rantonit says:

    Hey, I’ve tagged you on this chainmail-sort-of-thing for blogs . Go to my blog to check it out 😀 :http://rantonit.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/tagged/

  7. fulltimegangsta says:

    Hey! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Your blog is awesome ❤

    Check out the details here

  8. Thanks FTG. I really appreciate it. I have, believe it or not considering I’m not that versatile, already won this prestigious award. Because of this fact, I will go back to writing about poop and stuff and let you bask in the limelight for awhile. Don’t you have a date you have to go on?

    • fulltimegangsta says:

      So many boring dudes to sort through in order to find ones interesting enough to warrant spending an evening with. Literally did not meet one worthy guy all weekend – and I thought they’d be out in force, being St Patrick’s Day..

  9. les says:

    Somebody sounds frustrated.

  10. Sooooooooo I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award due to your versatile hilarity. Don’t worry if you don’t want to take part, but just letting you know 🙂

  11. Thanks, Beckers. I am taking a break from blogging to write another bestbathroombook, but I will be back in the scene soon making people laugh so hard they get hemorrhoids.
    PS-I am sending your link to my daughter. She will love you.

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