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Fast Foto Friday

This is a quick post, mostly to stay consistent and mispell “Foto”.  Here are three pics I took this week–which just happen to illustrate the important lessons of life. If you choose an alarm company, make sure they guarantee the burglars … Continue reading

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Touching Junk on Foto Friday

No, this is not the dusty keepsake you find in Grandma’s attic.  This is, after all, Foto Friday (see how the Fs compliment eachother?) I was in San Francisco working on Wednesday when I came upon this sign.  Well, I … Continue reading

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Words Suck! (A Writing Exercise)

      If actual experience were the Empire State Building, words are the dirt that collects on the pinnacle of the flashing red globe at the top.    Yep!   Words suck!   A nineteen-year- old dies in Afghanistan!  … Continue reading

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Exactly Two Minutes

No, this is not the story of my sex life.  This is an NPR Perspectives I did about the Age of the Screen.  It aired this morning on the West Coast.   I’ve done a couple of them for NPR before, but what … Continue reading

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Are Rich People Evil?

This question, in one form of another, is one that I’ve used at dinner parties in the last year or so–I’m a great guest because I bring hors de oeuvres, I listen to others and I often do the dishes … Continue reading

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Why Getting Clocked is Cool

There’s something about getting punched in the face that really wakes you up—even if you get knocked out or down.  There is no RedBull-Heart-Palpitating drink that even comes close to a fist smashing into your face.  But the best part … Continue reading

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