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Exactly Two Minutes

No, this is not the story of my sex life.  This is an NPR Perspectives I did about the Age of the Screen.  It aired this morning on the West Coast.   I’ve done a couple of them for NPR before, but what … Continue reading

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Beautiful Woman on a Toilet

Deep in the bowels (sorry, but bowels is appropriate here, alrighty?) of the corporate offices of Google, there is a machine that has algorithms.  I know this because I hear computer-types talking about them all the time.  They are very … Continue reading

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Resist the Erotipod at all Cost

*NOTE:  This blog is not funny.  It basically explains how mankind, as we know it, may come to an end. HINT: Sex+Technology=Extinction It seems like yesterday I was rolling my eyes at my parents for refusing to get an answering … Continue reading

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